Suyana - a world without poverty

We support people affected by poverty and empower them to live a self-determined, sustainable and healthy life. In Bolivia and Peru, we achieve our mission thanks to our own programme which was developed in cooperation with rural communities. In Switzerland, we support targeted projects. In different parts of the world, we cooperate with partners for specific activities.

Our focus

To bring change in a complex world, we have to understand and address poverty in all its dimensions. We therefore aim to work in a holistic and integrated way, linking different approaches. To structure our work, we focus on the following three pillars:




Based on the three pillars, we implement our own Programme Healthy Municipality in Bolivia and Peru.

Our principles

We are a politically and denominationally independent non-profit organisation. We promote equality and engage with people regardless of age, ethnic group, skin colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, economic or other status.

Suyana in figures

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Donation of medical equipment

Suyana donated medical equipment in Curahuasi in Peru.

Water committees

Suyana supports local water committees to secure access to clean drinking water for people and animals.

Animal health

Parasites are not only appalling, but often have negative effects on the health of humans and animals.

Our Projects

Our projects are the best proof of our work. They are our contribution to a world without poverty. We empower individuals, families and communities to improve their lives.

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