Congratulations Ariel – we are incredibly proud of you!

We have known Ariel since 2009, back then he was not doing so well. The 13-year-old was malnourished and could hardly move because of an infection in his leg caused by an untreated bone fracture. Suyana is supporting Ariel and makes it possible for him to receive treatment at a clinic in La Paz. To prevent worse, the left leg has to be amputated. But Ariel does not give up. After the rehabilitation and the fitting of the prosthesis, Ariel finishes secondary school and qualifies for the law school of the University Mayor de San Andres. He receives a scholarship, but this is not sufficient to cover his cost of living. Therefore, besides his studies, Ariel first works for the company that builds prostheses and then as a messenger for the Suyana office in La Paz. In December 2021, Ariel graduated successfully. At the moment he is doing an internship in the legal department of the Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Charaña (regional government). We wish Ariel all the best for his professional and private future.