Assessment of improved housing

In October, representatives of nine municipalities, health facilities and local authorities in Bolivia evaluated the improvement of the homes of 306 families. They have spent the year working on the infrastructure of their homes to finally improve their quality of life. The families have built dining and living rooms and created separate bedrooms for parents and children. They have also improved their cooking areas, installing ecological refrigerators and shelves to keep food and cooking utensils fresh and clean. Furthermore, families have built rubbish pits, ecological toilets and wash corners to improve hygiene at home.

The families carried out the activities in the framework of our Programme Healthy Municipality (Programme Healthy Municipality – Suyana Fundación). 228 out of 306 families completed all the activities and are officially recognised as healthy families. In addition, 27 outstanding family members were selected (3 per municipality) to be educated as veterinary assistants at a university so that they can soon put their knowledge to practical use in their communities.

Find here (Healthy Livelihoods for Families – Suyana Fundación) more information about the same project in Peru.