People living in poverty often struggle with extremely low, irregular or even no income at all. Their livelihoods are threatened, putting them in very vulnerable situations.

We understand livelihood as how people cover their basic needs: livelihood is as much the income-generating activities as it is existing opportunities and future potential.

Small-scale farmers play a critical role in food production worldwide yet they face difficulties accessing land and other productive resources. In addition, they are deprived of education, information, infrastructure, markets and opportunities.

Only a healthy environment allows people to fulfil their aspirations. A safe, clean, intact and sustainable environment is crucial for a wide range of human rights to be enjoyed, such as access to basic services. We see a great need to address negative human impact on the environment.

% of the global work force is engaged in the agricultural sector; most on small farms
million people live in extreme poverty on less than USD 1.90 a day
in 4 people lack access to safe drinking water
Aid distribution is a sticking plaster and is not a long-term solution to a complex set of issues. It is essential to support people’s search for a stable and future-oriented livelihood. This will create a healthy, happy life without poverty – while also laying the groundwork for a successful next generation.
Daniel Sigrist

Our Approach

Securing sustainable and future-oriented livelihoods for people affected by poverty is an ambitious goal. We tackle it from three angles: improving agricultural capacities, raising awareness of a healthy environment and supporting income-generating activities.


  • Empowering farmers to build and maintain stable agricultural livelihoods
  • Training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices
  • Supporting farmer’s households considering their specific situation


  • Creating awareness for the importance of protecting and conserving the environment
  • Adapting activities based on climate change considerations
  • Working together with local authorities to ensure the right to secure water for all

Income Generation

  • Establishing income-generating activities to strengthen families living in poverty
  • Providing trainings to farmers to improve or increase their production, adapt their products to local requirements, and boost their marketing skills
  • Supporting community groups to find better access to markets for their handicrafts

In our Suyana shop we sell handicrafts produced in Bolivia, which provides an income to the local artists.


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