Light without borders

Our eyes function quite naturally in everyday life. We only think about this organ when limitations occur. This is exactly the situation of many people in Greece who had to leave their homes because of war and persecution. In order to cope with their difficult everyday life more successfully, it is extremely important for refugees that their sight works well.

As part of our focus on health, supporting access to basic health care for people in need, Suyana visited the organisation Light without Borders in Greece and saw how valuable the work of their specialists is.

The organisation has been active in Greece since 2016 and has already provided thousands of people with glasses, eye examinations and operations. Many refugees have problems with their eyes, lost their glasses while fleeing from their country, suffered an eye injury or, in the case of chronic illnesses, have never had access to an eye doctor. Currently, Light without Borders is visiting people in the refugee camps in and around Athens and carrying out examinations with volunteer eye specialists from all over the world. Reading glasses and eye drops are distributed directly on site, glasses are made for individual vision correction and in severe cases that require surgery or further care, patients are referred to the hospital. Through this valuable work, many people are given the opportunity to see better and thus live their lives more independently again.

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