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A farming couple in the mountainous region of Grisons could not continue their dairy farm due to poor health and decided to change over to suckling cows and sheep; however, they had not realized how expensive it would be to do the necessary barn alterations and the cost of farmyard manure storage. Their dreams had to be abandoned and their future looks bleak.




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Farming couple in the mountainous region of Grisons

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Support the family to make transform from dairy to suckling herds by covering the additional expenses so that the family can continue to work and the farm is sustainable.

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Farmers are often forced to adapt their farms when they face declining health. Unfortunately, this changeover often requires a large injection of money, which the next generation usually has to shoulder. In many cases, remodeling is necessary but expensive and if there are unexpected costs during the construction phase, they can tip the balance over into the red.

In this case, the farming couple was forced to rethink dairy farming because of a damaged shoulder and a degenerative condition of the spine. The farm is too small to install the technical equipment that would lighten the physical load, so their only options were to give up the farm or transform the way they work. The couple decided to switch to suckler cows and sheep husbandry, which meant converting the barns and finding a farmyard manure storage method.

The Cantonal Advisory Centre calculated the cost of changing over to suckler cow and sheep husbandry, and an architect calculated the cost of the barn conversion, which were feasible. Building permits were obtained and work began; however, unexpected costs had to be covered during the construction phase.

Together we make it happen

Thanks to the couple’s sons support, the parents were able to cover some of the additional costs and complete the conversion. In addition, the older son will train to become a farmer and later take over the farm.

We supported the farming couple by covering any unforeseen costs associated with the barn alterations and farmyard manure storage to ensure the survival of the farm. The farm is up and running and the farming couple are able to cope with the workload despite their physical limitations.

Together we make it happen

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