Mobile Eye Clinic

Many people who had to flee their homes and arrived in Greece have only limited access to medical care. Through this project “Mobile Eye Clinic”, we reach refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in Greece granting them access to eye care, including prescription glasses.





Project Community

Around 8,000 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers living in refugee camps, community centres and shelters in Greece.

Project area

Project Goal

To ensure professional eye care for people who were forced to abandon their homes through conflict and poverty.

Project details

In Greek refugee camps, health care services are very limited. No specialised personnel is available to take care of the people’s various needs. Going to a hospital is usually not an option, as the patients cannot afford to pay for transport and public do not care much for these underprivileged patients. Eye care is often forgotten, which is why
Light Without Borders (LwB) started working with volunteer optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide free eye care services as well as prescription glasses to refugees in Greece.

Most of the people treated by LwB lost their glasses, broke them during their escape from their country, and others have never had the opportunity to buy glasses. Through this project the people do not only receive the opportunity to see better but are treated with respect and dignity. Many older people are in need for reading glasses as otherwise they have problems participating in the daily life.

Thanks to the project they can use their phones and read documents more clearly again. Another problem are the more serious eye illnesses, such as cataract from which mostly older people are suffering and which requires surgery. There are many children with astigmatism or who are cross-eyed who receive glasses and regular eye check-ups thought he project.

Together we make it happen

Thanks to Suyana’s intervention, refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in Greece are reached by a mobile eye unit, where they get access to eye care.

Many older people suffer from cataract, which can be easily treated with a small surgical intervention. One surgery costs around 1,000 CHF.
Thanks to your donation, refugees in Greece can receive the eye care they need and deserve.

Together we make it happen

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