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"The farm purchase required all our finances. The start went very well and we immediately adapted to our new task. It quickly became apparent that we had to invest too much time and effort in feeding the dairy cows. To ensure that the other work does not suffer, we have no choice but to buy a feed mixer. As a temporary solution, we were able to rent such a machine. The expense is too high in the long run and is a heavy burden on the running costs. Thanks to the support of the Suyana Foundation, we can make this important purchase and concentrate on the further development of the farm."




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Thanks to a good relationship with the seller, a young couple was able to purchase a farm for a fair price in the canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden. Nevertheless, the purchase took all their savings, all possible legal loans and loans from their private networks. With the support of the previous owner, the handover and start-up went smoothly. Only the lack of a feed mixer for feeding the dairy cows caused great concern. It is very expensive to rent such a machine, and it exceeds the young couple’s budget.

The start of farm business

Especially for young farmers whose family does not own a farm, the step into self-employment and a farm purchase is almost not affordable. Purchases within the family are usually easy to realise at by law limited purchase price, namely the capitalised earnings value. For purchases outside the close family, this benefit is not granted and the so-called market value applies. This may exceed the capitalised value by several times. The cantonal authorities must approve sales or purchases of farms with regard to legitimacy and the value of the purchase price. The financial ceilings vary greatly from canton to canton. In our case, fortunately, the maximal profit was not decisive for the seller, but he wanted a successor who shared his views and cared for the land and the farm. Thanks to this attitude, the price was set very fairly. Thus, despite their youthful age, the applicants were able to raise the finance, if only by exhausting all their resources.

Feeding with the mixing trailer

Efficient and animal-friendly feeding of the dairy cows requires the use of a mechanical device. This is best done with a so-called mixing trailer. With this, all the necessary components are filled into the trailer and blended into a finished ration. In this way, all cows are fed an optimised and animal-friendly product. With this type of animal feeding, the workload for the farmers also remains within reasonable limits.

Plans for further development

In order to reduce the high level of debt as quickly as possible, the wife of the farmer continues to work 100 percent in an agricultural fiduciary office. Despite this workload, she helps out as much as possible on the farm. This is because her partner cannot manage all the work alone. This double burden will not be successful in the long run. For the time being, the purchase of the mixing trailer gives the couple a considerable relief in terms of time. In a second step, the workload outside the farm will be reduced appropriately. This will allow the wife to invest more time in her own farm and to further expand the already existing direct marketing. The sale of fresh milk from the farm already brings a welcome additional revenue. In the future, other products are to be offered for direct sale. This opens up viable development opportunities for a positive outlook.


Suyana Foundation team members visited the couple on their farm. The conditions there provide the necessary foundations and despite their young age, the couple knows exactly what they want and also has the necessary skills. In other words, ideal foundation for a successful future. Our support for the purchase of the urgently needed machine provides an important time saving for the daily work and paves the way for a long-term security of sustainably and healthily produced food.

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