Saving fresh fruit and vegetables

Food Banks focus on reducing food waste and hunger by collecting and redistributing surplus food. The Greek Food Bank works together with local markets to save unsold fresh food and share it with people in need. This does not only reduce the number of fruits and vegetables going to waste, but also ensures a balanced and nutritious diet for people who could otherwise not afford them.





Project Community

55,000 people, around 50% of them are refugees

Project area

Project Goal

Collect around 30 tons of fresh vegetables and fruit from Athens Central Grocery Market and distribute them to people in need.

Project details

Greece has been facing many challenges like its ongoing economic crisis, the refugee crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic which have led to more than 30% of people who live in poverty (3.2mio) to become extremely vulnerable to food insecurity. Additional to the Greek population in need, there is a huge number of refugees living in Greek refugee camps and shelters – around 50,000 people. They are provided with food through a government catering, which often lacks healthy fresh foods.

The Food Bank of Greece supports poor and marginalised people who do not have enough means to buy food for themselves and their families. To cover the needs of all these people, the Food Bank of Greece works together with supermarkets to collects food with a long lifespan and redistributing them to people in need in the regions. In Greece, the amount of distributed food has nearly doubled from 1,414 tonnes in 2019 to 2,359 tonnes in 2020, showing how tremendous the demand in the country really is.

In order to also provide fresh food, which is much more difficult to receive and transport, as it has to be done immediately and before the food expires, the Food Bank of Greece is starting to collect surplus fruit and vegetables form Athens Central Market.

Together we make it happen

With this project, Suyana enables the Greek Food Bank to save around 30 tons of fruit and vegetables per year from becoming food waste. Together with around 150 local charities the food is distributed to the people with the biggest needs in Athens and its surroundings.

Suyana bears the logistics and transport costs to bring the food from the market to the distribution centre.

With CHF 100, you can save around 1.5 tons of fruit and vegetables and ensure healthy meals for 2,500 people.

Together we make it happen

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