Health Clinic in Myin Ma Ti

Access to healthcare services is very limited in rural Myanmar. We are supporting the construction and equipping of a health clinic in the village of Myin Ma Ti in the centre of Myanmar, which will serve the 14 villages nearby. The project is planned and carried out by our partner, the Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation.





Project Community

The people of Myin Ma Ti village (400 households) and its 14 surrounding villages.

Project area

Project Goal

Without good health, it is difficult to enjoy many other rights. A well-equipped local health clinic with dedicated health professionals is crucial for locals to be able to access quality healthcare services, including preventive care. Furthermore, the infrastructure will provide other medical specialists with a good and motivating work environment during their infrequent medical visits. Such local structures that are supported by the village chief and adopted by the relevant authorities contribute to a lasting strengthening of the public health care system.

Project Details

We are supporting our longstanding project partner Myanmar/Burma School Project Foundation (MBSPF) in its effort to improve access to healthcare services for marginalized communities in Myanmar, in addition to the project “Schools in rural areas”.

This project builds on the already existing trust with the village community and local authorities; the villagers provide labour and the authorities budget for staff for the health clinic.

400 households of mainly farmer families make up the village of Myin Ma Ti. The new health clinic will serve 14 surrounding villages in addition to the Myin Ma Ti population.

In addition to the new building, MBSPF is planning to furnish and equip the health clinic and put in a new fence, a water storage tank and an outdoor toilet. The head of the village has assured that the villagers will provide sand, bricks and labour for the construction.

Once operational, the clinic will be staffed by nurse practitioners hired by the Ministry of Health. Nurse practitioners in Myanmar provide an array of medical services and may prescribe some medicines. Unfortunately, other medical specialists and doctors rarely visit rural health clinics.

Together we make it happen

Considering the current situation with the ongoing pandemic and the political turmoil in Myanmar, we are pleased that the local team is able to continue building the health clinic without any problems, and that the good relationship and cooperation with the local authorities continues.

Together we make it happen

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