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There are limited career opportunities for young people finishing secondary school in remote rural areas of Peru. They have few opportunities to do vocational apprenticeships or go to university; however, many students do have good entrepreneurial ideas and want to improve their living conditions. A lack of specific knowledge, useful skills and self-confidence prevents them from changing their situation and leaving poverty behind. Our marketing courses teach students how to improve their situation so that they can look forward to a more stable and secure income.





Project Community

250 secondary school students in 70 rural communities with 14,015 inhabitants in the remote regions of Cusco, Puno and Apurimac

Project area

Project Goal

Strengthen young people’s self-esteem and entrepreneurship skills so that they can set up their own businesses and earn a more stable and secure income for their families. Improved prospects in rural areas reduce migration to urban areas.

Project details

This project is part of our  integral Programme Healthy Municipality and is implemented in both Bolivia and Peru.

Young people in remote rural communities generate income by breeding livestock and growing and selling agricultural produce. In our courses on agriculture and related professions, secondary school students learn how to improve their situation so that they can contribute a more stable and secure income to their families.

After the course, the students get the chance to put what they have learnt into practice. Their teacher, supported by our team, helps each class to develop and start up a microbusiness project. The students work on their projects in school, and the Ministry of Education recognises them as fulfilling the “socio-productive schools” curriculum. All income from the project activities is reinvested in raw materials or equipment and as a result of the programme, successful businesses have been set up, such as wool, dried meat and ceramics production. After the young people finish secondary school, they can apply what they have learnt, benefitting their families and communities.

The course is designed and taught by an external teacher specialized in marketing. It includes theory and practice and the teaching material focussing on how to apply the theory in practice in the specific context or rural communities is produced by the teachers together with Suyana. The students learn how to use their local resources efficiently, how to implement entrepreneurial ideas effectively, how to sell their products directly to the customers without intermediaries, how to calculate prices and negotiate, and how to present their goods attractively. Furthermore, the courses focus on boosting students’ self-esteem so that they gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills, which are an important prerequisite for professional success.

Together we make it happen

Since 2011, 893 students, 207 teachers and 80 parents have taken our practical vocational courses and have started up a tailor’s, a bakery, a dried meat production company, a pottery and a sustainable tourism agency. The whole community benefits from the courses and the skills acquired in the courses open up new perspectives for a secure income for the young adults. Some municipal governments have included the school project in the school curriculum.

“My name is Nilson and I study at the Pasanacollo Secondary School. We learnt a lot in the marketing workshop, like leadership, self-esteem, how to run a business and a lot more. I’m very grateful to Suyana for teaching us these things that will be good for us in the future.”

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Together we make it happen

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