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Access to basic education is a challenge in Myanmar, and especially for children in remote poor villages. We support building and renovating schools in different rural areas of Myanmar. The projects are planned and carried out by our partner, the Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation.


Since 2015



Project Community

School children and their families in rural areas of the Mandalay and Kalaw
(700 students in 2021 in Ye Twin Kaung)

Project area

Project Goal

Education is the most straightforward way out of poverty. A basic school building and a safe learning environment directly enable children to access education and increase attendance. Furthermore, teachers are more motivated to work in rural areas if the school they teach in is in good shape. In cooperation with the local authorities and the village leaders, we ensure that the school will get the necessary teachers, and that the infrastructure is well maintained.

Project Details

Since 2015, Suyana is empowering children in Myanmar to access education, through our partner the Myanmar/Burma School Project Foundation (MBSPF). We support MBSPF’s mission to enable children in poor rural villages in Myanmar to enjoy studying in a safe learning environment in decent school buildings, which the villagers also use for meetings and gatherings.

School Project 2021

In 2017, MBSPF built a middle school in Ye Twin Kaung after the old one was destroyed in an earthquake.  In 2019, the students could not use the old primary school building and classes were held under the trees. The village leaders approached MBSPF to help build a new primary school and because they had already shown their commitment to building and maintaining their new middle school, MBSPF agreed. The local education authorities have already budgeted for teaching staff to work in the new primary school.

The construction crew was based in a village nearby, so they could safely continue working in Ye Twin Kaung despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Together we made it happen

So far, Suyana has supported the construction or renovation of 9 school buildings and 2 adjacent teachers’ cottages. This provides a stable learning environment for at least 1,390 students every year.

“I'm Thein Tun Zaw from Mandalay. This is the most exciting moment for us to express our gratitude to you. With the generosity of you all and the supervision of our contracter Mr. Maung Maung Gyi, the school has completed. Now, our childern are able to study their class comfortably and without worries. And, the teachers are also at their loving time. The villagers are in love with this new school. All are feeling blessed. These feelings are all the things you give us. We have not enough word to express our thanks to you."


Together we make it happen

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