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It is difficult for young farmers who do not own property to get a loan. Limited financing options are a major challenge especially when starting up a business. In this case, a farming couple was able to start their own business by leasing a farm. They sell most of their products directly. The demand for fresh milk is high and providing it requires a lot of effort. They have already used all their financial resources to buy livestock and vehicles, and have no more money to invest in improvements on their farm.




Livelihood (Agriculture)

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Farmer Family living near the Bernese Oberland in the Canton of Bern

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Project Goal

Ensure the successful independence of the farming family and maintain a viable and solid future for their farm by purchasing a milk vending machine.

Project details

Often parents or relatives provide farming couples with the necessary start-up funds. If further purchases need to be made at short notice, there is usually no extra money available. Therefore, sensible expansions cannot be carried out and the farm stagnates. In this case, a farming family had set up its own farm shop, which has been successful with the sale of fresh milk doing particularly well; however, the labour-intensive washing, sterilising and filling of the bottles is taking up time that could be spent on other, more productive activities.

Together we make it happen

We purchase a milk vending machine for the family to ensure their future. In 2021, the young couple is able to lease another farm and expand the range of products on sale in their farm shop; the sale of raw milk will continue to make up a large portion of their income. The farm shop is very customer-friendly and well visited.

The young farmers urgently need a milk vending machine to continue selling their silage-free fresh milk. Since they have already used up their financial resources when starting up their business, there is no money left for another necessary purchase. As tenant farmers, they do not have the collateral to take out a bank loan.

Together we make it happen

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Hans Waltenspül
Hans Waltenspül

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