What will remain when I leave?

Everyone has something they would like to pass on: sentimental objects, real estate, money and personal values, like your commitment to a good cause. When you write your will, you decide who gets what from your estate and avoid disputes. Without a will, the law decides who inherits and if there are no heirs, the state inherits. So, if you want part or all of your estate to go to a good cause, issuing a testament is essential.


Reasons for your Last Will


You decide what will happen with your estate. At Suyana, you can choose which project will benefit from your support.


Your values should live on. By leaving something to Suyana, we ensure that you keep supporting what was important to you during your lifetime.


Leave no doubt about your last wishes. A legally valid will creates clarity – both for those left behind and for the authorities.

The Last Will – a personal topic

Are you considering to include Suyana in your testament? Would you like to learn more about our work?

Our partner DeinAdieu offers useful online help on the following topics: Wills, living wills and funeral planning. The will generator helps to create a valid will including the calculation of quotas.

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