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1 in 10 persons lives in extreme poverty which means living with less than $1.90 a day. Living in extreme poverty is defined by hunger, being sick and unable to see a doctor, not having a job, not having access to education, not having a safe home and being powerless.

Suyana wants to change this together with local partner organisations in different parts of the world. Through our collaborations we improve local health and education systems, enable farmers to fulfil their potential and create a long-lasting impact through strengthening local authorities and structures.

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500 million smallholder farmers produce 80% of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa's food
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Nearly 60% of population in low income countries are facing food insecurity
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90% of children in low income countries are unable to read with comprehension by the end of primary school

Suyana and International Partners

In 2012, Suyana started the support of its first partner organisation in Eritrea. Over the years Suyana has built strong partnerships in both Eritrea and Myanmar, improving access to primary health care as well as education. In 2021, new partnerships with local organisations in Greece and Sierra Leone were build.

Suyana focuses on supporting its partners with technical expertise and enables them to implement projects in the areas of health, education and livelihood. Our commitment to build long-lasting partnerships has resulted in creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in rural areas in Myanmar and Sierra Leone, as well as created access to medical services in rural Eritrea as well as for refugees in Greece. Our engagement is broad and together with our partners we go far to enable people to live healthy and self-sufficient lives.

Our focus

Suyana workes with local partner organisations in Greece, Myanmar, Sierra Leone and Eritrea to increase people’s access to education and health care, as well as improve their livelihoods.

Light without Borders (Greece)

  • Light without Borders provides free optometry and ophthalmic services as well as prescription glasses to refugees in Greece. Their mission is to provide professional eye care and comfort to people who have suffered conflict, poverty, or were forced to flee their homes.
  • Thanks to a mobile eye clinic Light without Borders reaches refugee camps all over Greece and makes eye care service available to everyone.

More information: http://lightwithoutborders.org.es/


Greek Food Bank (Greece)

  • The goal of the Food Bank of Greece is to reduce hunger and food waste. This is achieved through the collection of surplus food and its redistribution to charitable organisations such as soup kitchens, shelters, and charitable shops, so it reaches the people in need.
  • Suyana supports the Greek Food Bank in specific projects and enables them to reach its 55,000 beneficiaries.

More information: https://foodbank.gr/en/


Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation (Myanmar)

  • Our partner in Myanmar is the Canada-based Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation (MBSPF). We have been supporting the construction and renovation of schools in marginalised communities in Myanmar since 2015, enabling thousands of students to access a safe learning environment.
  • The village community as well as the relevant authorities are involved in the process to ensure that they take on building, running and maintaining the school as their own, thus guaranteeing sustainability.

More Information: Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation


FAFA – Franziska’s Agricultural Farmers Association (Sierra Leone)

  • Suyana started to support its first project with FAFA in Sierra Leone in September 2021. We are committed to improving access to primary school education for the children of the local communities in and around Worreh Yeama.
  • The goal of FAFA is to support the schooling of children from the poorest families out of the revenue generated through farming on their communal land, and to find a way to rehabilitate and register the derelict primary school. Their main motivation is to provide their children with education so that they will not feel as disempowered as their parents do.

ArcheMed: Ärzte für Kinder in Not e.V. (Eritrea) – COMPLETED

  • We have been supporting ARCHEMED in specific projects in Eritrea since 2012 with a focus on improving access to health care. The activities were located in different parts of the country, such as in the capital city Asmara, in Keren (around 90km northwest of Asmara), and in Barentu (capital of the western region Gash Barka).
  • We enabled ARCHEMED in regularly sending volunteer medical professionals on missions to Eritrea, to treat patients, especially difficult cases, but also to train the local doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. These trainings empower the local health care professionals to improve the quality of health care services.

More information: https://www.archemed.org/

Partner Organisations

We collaborate with partners who implement or support projects in the areas of education, health and livelihood.


Light without Borders (Greece)
Greek Food Bank (Greece)
Myanmar/Burma Schools Project Foundation (Myanmar)
FAFA – Franziska’s Agricultural Farmers Association (Sierra Leone)
ArcheMed (Eritrea)

International Partner Projects

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