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Its thriving economy and visible wealth can almost make you forget that even in Switzerland some people find it difficult to make ends meet. In fact, around 735,000 people live in poverty and another 1.35 million are at risk. Poverty and social exclusion are often related to educational attainment and have a direct impact on access to medical attention and care.

Farmers can also be affected. Agriculture plays an important role in supplying the population with sustainably produced food; however, high production costs and constant global price pressure, as well as constantly changing regulations and requirements, can threaten farmers’ livelihoods.

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735,000 people in Switzerland are affected by poverty (often due to low levels of education)
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More than 2 farms vanish every day in Switzerland
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150,000 people in Switzerland suffer from dementia

Suyana in Switzerland

Since 2009, we have been supporting projects presented by educational or social charities and institutions. We also support private individuals’ basic education and/or further training plans. We support people and organisations who have forward-looking ideas in the consulting, care and nursing of people with dementia.

As of 2013, we have been committed to ensuring that farms continue to function. Our main aim is to help farming families directly. We examine the concerns of the applicants on site and jointly seek solutions for a sustainable and successful future for the farmers concerned. If necessary, we work together with organisations and foundations that are also active in this field. For specialist clarifications and professional opinions, we have competent volunteer experts at our disposal.

Our Focus in Switzerland

Our three-pillar focus is based on the idea that sustainable development can only be achieved through the simultaneous and equal implementation of livelihood, education and health goals.

Agricultural livelihood

An array of external factors may threaten a farm’s existence and deprive a farming family of its livelihood. We support farming families mainly living in the valleys or hills by helping to create solid livelihoods.

We provide support in the following areas:


Farming change

  • Changes in regulations
  • Global price collapse
  • Requirements of the purchasers
  • Changes in consumer behaviour


  • Climate
  • Animal protection
  • Farm conversion
  • Adjustments due to changes in the law

Unpredictable Events

  • Disease / Accident
  • Climate (Storms, dry periods)
  • Sudden failure of technical equiment or machines
  • Lose of leased land


  • Start or step up direct marketing
  • Reorganisation Sideline
  • Changes as a result of physical constraints
  • Generation renewal / Inheritance
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General Insecurities

  • Reorganisations
  • Farm handovers
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Work overload


Our aim in the field of education is to promote youth education and support adult education and further training opportunities. We often co-operate with other organisations, which are already successfully active in the field of education.

We support a range of different people and try to give each person the opportunity to make their own way concentrating on their uniqueness and potential.


Swiss Red Cross Zuerich PGS Internship Programme

We support the Health and Social PSG Internship programme. This internship is a vocational preparation year for young people who want to gain experience in the field of health and at the same time prepare themselves academically for their nursing apprenticeship.

More information: www.srk-zuerich.ch/pgs


Swiss Study Foundation – Suyana Scholarship

Since 2012, three Suyana scholarships of excellence have been awarded every year to students at the Swiss Study Foundation. The scholarships allow talented ambitious young people to continue their studies safe in the knowledge that their funding is in place.

More information: www.studyfoundation.ch

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Caritas Lucerne – Vocational Training

It is difficult for those who have not finished secondary school to find a job in Switzerland so we have teamed up with Caritas to provide 2-year apprenticeships to give young people a better chance at entering the job market.

More information: www.caritas-luzern.ch


Rare Diseases Medical Education

The Foundation for People with Rare Diseases conducts research in the field of genetics and looks for methods to treat rare diseases and offers training and further education courses with our support.

More information: www.stiftung-seltene-krankheiten.ch

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frac Biel – Carer of the Swiss Red Cross

The frac Biel information and advisory centre is committed to equal opportunities for women and men in employment. The nursing assistant course SRK improves career perspectives for jobseekers. The training is recognised throughout Switzerland. We offer financial aid and the frac concrete support for struggling students.

More information: www.frac.ch


IdéeSport Coach Programme

The IdéeSport Foundation supports children and young people by setting up spaces where they can meet to do sports and exercise. More than 2,000 young people are coaches at different leisure facilities. They acquire valuable social and professional skills and learn to take responsibility. Our support helps IdéeSport reach even more young people

More information: www.ideesport.ch

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EDUCA SWISS – Promoting and financing education

EDUCA SWISS is committed to promoting and financing education and, as a non-profit foundation, aims to ensure that every ambitious person in Switzerland can complete an education or further training course – regardless of their financial situation. The foundation supports people who fall through the gaps in education financing because they do not receive sufficient scholarships or are not sufficiently supported by their families. With the free coaching and the non-profit loans, more than 1,000 motivated people have already been supported and sustainably financed.

Further information: www.educaswiss.ch

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Further education – Privat Persons

We believe in the importance of access to education for everyone as a good education is the foundation for a secure and independent future.

In order to receive funding for further education or training projects, people apply directly to us for support. Students must be able to explain why they believe they are eligible for funding, why they want to study that particular course and how they will fit their studies into their daily schedule.


We support people and smaller organisations who present us with their innovative ideas and trend-setting projects in the medical field, but receive little or no government aid.

Our focus is on organisations involved in caring for people with dementia. We visit the projects regularly to get to know the people behind them.



150,000 people suffer from dementia in Switzerland and unfortunately this number is rising. The number of younger people between the ages of 33 and 55 being diagnosed with dementia is also on the rise. This is a huge challenge facing families and society as a whole.

The state does not provide enough day or holiday support for the relatives of people suffering from dementia.


The Rickenback Farm

The Rickenbach Farm offers young people with early or mid-stage dementia a place to live and work. There are also single and double rooms available for young people with dementia whose care needs will increase over time.
The Farm cares for, nurses and accompanies people with dementia until they die.

Furthermore, the Farm offers day or holiday respite care for people with dementia living at home. They can enjoy the family-style environment and move around the house and garden on their own. Relatives can take a much-needed break and recharge their batteries knowing that their loved one is being cared for by professionals.

More information: www.projekt-hofrickenbach.ch


The Wiitsicht Centre

The Wiitsicht Dementia Assessment Centre works to ensure that people suffering from dementia “live at home for as long as possible”. If relatives are given support as early as possible from different services, such as Spitex, Family Aid,
Home-Care Services, Day-Care and Vacation Centres, the longer people with dementia can live at home.

More information: www.wiitsicht.ch


Orphan Healthcare

The mission of Orphan Healthcare is to improve the quality of life of children with rare diseases along with that of their relatives. We support Orphan Healthcare’s children’s book “Just Like Me and You” about Cuba, a dog that goes on a journey where she meets animals that suffer from rare diseases. This book gives children the strength to look for their own friends, just like in this comic book.

More information: www.orphanhealthcare.org

Partners Switzerland

We work with our partners that implement or support projects in agriculture, education or health.


Hof Rickenbach (Project Partner Health)
Zentrum Wiitsicht (Project Partner Health)
OrphanHealthcare (Project Partner Health)
SRK Kanton Zürich (Project Partner Education)
Studienstiftung (Project Partner Education)
Caritas Luzern (Project Partner Education)
Stiftung für Menschen mit seltenen Krankheiten
(Project Partner Education)
(Project Partner Education)
(Project Partner Education)
EDUCA SWISS (Project Partner Education)
(Project Partner Agriculture)
SOS - Bauernhof-Büro
(Project Partner Agriculture)
W. Leuthold Stiftung (Project Partner Agriculture)
Farm Consultants (Project Partner Agriculture)
(Project Partner Agriculture)
Verein Tischlein Deck Dich
(Project Partner Emergency Aid)

Applications Switzerland

In Switzerland, we support agriculture, education and health projects implemented by organisations, families and individuals. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Submit your application early so that it can be reviewed before your project or study begins. Only complete application forms with supporting documents will be accepted, reviewed and submitted to the Foundation Board for approval.

What we support

We only support projects in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

We support community campaigns as well as projects of families or individuals.

Support Areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health

What we do not support

We do not support projects in the following areas:

  • Public sector responsibilities
  • Research
  • Congresses, seminars
  • Culture
  • Publications
  • Debt rehabilitation
  • Addiction prevention or treatment programmes
  • Tourism
  • Project in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and canton of Ticino

Projects Switzerland

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